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The Three Small Business Tools We Can’t Live Without

Have you ever noticed that a lot of successful entrepreneurs recommend like, a million tools to keep their businesses running? How in the world do they manage all their management tools??!! You need tools to run your business, but don’t let your tools run you! (Click to tweet!) I know it can feel really overwhelming […]

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How to find your USP

These days, just being ‘good enough’ isn’t good enough. If you want success you need to tell people what makes you special – your ‘unique selling proposition’, or USP. Here are some ways to explain why customers should choose you. You’re the only one What your business does, or sells, is unique – there isn’t […]

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TDA Group Content Happy Hour: More ways to excel at demanding marketing jobs

Feel like a jack-of-all-trades? No wonder. Effective content marketers must excel at a variety of tasks in numerous settings—and on multiple platforms. This week’s digest looks at recent developments that can make you more effective. You’ll discover which brands publish the most influential content on LinkedIn, find out what prevents content from going viral, view […]

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It’s Your Choice: The Antidote For Being Too Busy

Tell me if this sounds familiar: You run into someone you haven’t seen for a while and ask them how they’re doing and they say, “I am sooooo busy.” Or maybe someone asks you about how things are going and your knee-jerk response is to reply, “I’m really busy,” maybe even with a bit of […]

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Should You Say “No” To Earning Extra Income?

Here’s a common scenario so many entrepreneurs ask about – say you’re a photographer whose bread and butter is taking pictures at weddings. You can always rely on that work for earning extra income, BUT you’d rather be creating your own curated shows and selling pieces. The wedding jobs just keep rolling in, which is […]

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8 Powerful Leadership Lessons from @ScottDorsey

I’ve been meaning to write this post for the past couple of years and I finally had a reason to do so. As many of you know, Scott Dorsey has officially left as CEO of the Salesforce ExactTarget Marketing Cloud. He is turning over the leadership reigns of the company he co-founded over a decade […]

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