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How to Answer “What Do You Do For Work, Anyway?”

As entrepreneurs we’re sure to hear one question over and over again, at networking events, during media interviews, on Facebook groups…even at family reunions! While we entrepreneurs can pride ourselves on our creativity and quick thinking, this is a question that often stops us in our tracks: “So what do you do for work, anyway?” […]

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Why Your Inner Nice Girl Is Bad For Your Business

Growing up I was always The Nice Girl. The Good Girl. The girl who didn’t ruffle any feathers, or say anything to cause drama, or do anything rebellious. Like many women, I grew up with the message that success and happiness come when you say all the right things and make sure everybody else approves of […]

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How To Write A Buzz-Worthy Pitch Email

Do you know the fastest, most effective way to get the media to notice you? When you’re looking to gain traction with the media, you need a well-crafted and to-the-point pitch that shares all the important details and players involved in your latest product launch, book release, or online summit. A pitch will get you […]

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TDA Group: Using smart papers for intelligent tech marketing

  Marketing high-tech products always comes with a special kind of challenge. How do you grab attention and build excitement about a solution while still communicating enough technical information to be credible? That task brought IBM to TDA seeking help with messaging and marketing its IBM® Spectrum Storage™ Suite software—a software defined storage solution capable […]

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