9 Ways to Build Up Your Facebook Page

facebook-fan-page-iconAmong social media platforms, Facebook is unique because it gives you the freedom to customize your page. Rather than having the same limited profile that everyone else has, your business has the ability to implement HTML codes. This has a number of advantages when it comes to page design, online presence, promoting and branding for your business.

This freedom to customize means your interface can be designed to stand out and grab people’s attention in so many different ways.

If you’d like to reach a larger audience that will back you up, you will need to fine-tune your business page, and use each feature to its maximum potential.

The driving force that makes this all happen is an application designed for Facebook, commonly known as Static FBML. Too many people are still in the dark on how much functionality can be added by FBML. By using it, you can rename your tabs and boxes however you’d like, for starters. Are you intrigued so far? Either way, continue to read if you’d like to find out the true power of Static FBML…

#1: Welcome Visitors to Your Page with…a Welcome Page!

The primary idea of having a welcome tab is pretty easy to guess: to offer a summary of your page, including a sampling of what you have to offer and why it is relevant to those who like your page. This is not a place meant for bombarding visitors with sales pitches, but rather it is your chance to persuade them into becoming followers based on the value of what you provide. Most people will form their first impression of your business largely based on your welcome page. Just like a firm handshake leaves a good impression, make sure your welcome page is also strong. Be sure to convey eagerness when greeting visitors, point out other tabs they can explore and include a reminder that they can “like” your page if they feel compelled to. Mini websites, Flash animation and webcasts are only a few of the more intermediate techniques that can be used to ensure your welcome page is remembered.

Bold and visually appealing graphics accompanied by instructions that are easy to understand will create a substantial call to action.

#2: Contact Details and Social Profiles

Did you notice that a selection of options is missing in the info tab? You will see that it lacks a field to add your business hours and location as well, but you’ve probably seen other pages that include this type of information. Most likely, this means you have chosen the wrong type of page to setup when you first registered it. If you have a good number of fans, it isn’t really viable to consider deleting the page and starting over, and the need to do this is eliminated by Static FBML. Using it, you can place your business contact information in as many different places as you’d like.

Social buttons and additional details are effective ads of drawing attention to your contact box.

#3: Customer Reviews, Testimonials and Feedback

In the world of service providers and other professionals, one of the most persuasive elements of reputation is the feedback from those who have done business with you. You have the choice of a static page with testimonials, or you can even hire a designer to setup a dynamic layout with more bells and whistles to capture the attention of your audience. This decision should be made purely based on how creative you care to be, and how relevant it is to your page. Due to the limitless possibilities of FBML, even video feedback is something to consider.

Add some creative flair to your Testimonial tab with FBML to spark interest.

#4: Email Updates and Opt-In Forms

Two of the optimal locations for an opt-in form are your welcome tab or the box found on your fan page sidebar. More importantly than where you decide it goes, it needs to be easy to find and highly visible. It’s an invitation for visitors to sign-up for updates, which is one stepping stone closer to loyal readers and possible clients resulting from your email marketing. To make this easier, sites like Aweber and MailChimp can be used to obtain HTML code for placing an opt-in form in whatever tab you want, using static FBML.

(To urge opting in, I suggest including your form on the welcome page in the form of a box on your wall or as a tab).

#5: Exclusive Content for Fans and Followers

This one is a crafty way of tempting visitors to like your fan page. Make sure you have an arsenal of incentives to offer, tickets to events, promotions or coupons, anything you can come up with so long as it’s worth something. Even an announcement or list of useful information and resources can be written exclusively for your followers.

Lure visitors towards the like button by hinting at the value of your exclusive content.

#6: Promotional Contests and Celebrations

If your fan page plans on hosting some type of event on a monthly basis, you should probably devote an entire tab to promoting these events and so that your fans can find out more about the event details and time frames. Make it easy even for the laziest person to pass on news about your events to their friends by using a share button. Sit back and behold how quickly your event can spread across the web.

Give reoccurring events a tab all of its own with all the information people need, and make sure it is not difficult for them to share with friends.

#7: Revive Old Blog Posts

Not sure what to do with past posts from your blog? There’s no reason that you couldn’t harvest the best of the bunch and make a ‘Best Of’ box to go alongside your fan box. Make a reference here and there to them in your updates, to let readers know they are there. Variant frequency of post links and even topics, will help to offer a more diverse mixture of choices for your visitors. This has a great deal more power than your standard Social RSS feed, since those only show the most recent additions.

Feature your articles in a category box that leads visitors right to the main site.

#8: Employment Opportunities

With all the networks of professionals present on social media sites, more people are beginning to use them as a job-seeking resource as well. Facebook itself is no exception to this, if you notice on their own fan page they feature a tab with the title “We’re Hiring” to open up the door for new additions. Every day Facebook is accessed by 200 million regular users. If you could use some new team members for your business, why not add a job board on your fan page?

Don’t turn down a chance at more good opportunities.

#9: Tracking Visitor Statistics

Google Analytics can be a priceless piece of code placed in and when placed in FBML tabs would keep track of page visits. This will spell it out in black and white — no more uncertainty about what tabs are worth keeping and which ones aren’t.