Archive | October, 2010

Is Groupon a Good Deal for Small Business?

It seems everyone is raving over this new merchandising phenomena called group coupon buying from sites like Groupon and its many clones. Groupon, considered by Forbes to be the fastest growing business ever, raised some $170 million in venture capital and is valued as in excess of $1 billion. Not bad for a company only […]

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Social Media is NOT Scary. Read the Stats.

For some reason social media for business is still in question as a marketing tool. Sometimes… I feel like I’m beating a dead horse here. Individuals are still not sure whether it’s truly worth the time. Their not sure if it will actually yield desired results. However, if you are anything like me… you don’t […]

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The 19 E’s of Excellent Social Media

When I was in college, I used Tom Peters for inspiration all of the time. In fact, whenever I was stuck on anything, like a paper or a project, I’d pull out a copy of Thriving on Chaos or Re-Imagine! and get charged up with a few new ideas. Today is no different. While I’m […]

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