Archive | March, 2011

Guide to Better Branding Through Social Media

Do you want to advertise your product? The best alternative for you is to market through social media because it is applicable to both international and local industries. This article is about the Guide to Better Branding through Social Media and the purpose of this piece is to help you use social media for your […]

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Social Media in Analyst Relations: Hot or Not?

I recently had the pleasure of interviewing Judith Rothrock, senior marketing executive and analyst relations expert for B2B technology firms. She shares her experience on the state of the art of analyst relations in 2011, and how social media may, or may not, fit in. Kathy Tito: What can you tell us about the state […]

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Consumer Realism to Brand Virtualism

The perpetuating starting point of online social behavior came to my attention in the 1999 when chatting with an anonymous person across another continent seemed like quite a risky and venturing moment- to actually be able to connect, share ideas & even contribute to the changing ideologies across different countries, by typing, smiling and distributing […]

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