Archive | May, 2011

5 LinkedIn Necessities

You may have heard all the news about LinkedIn going public. Their stock reached its zenith of $122.70 before closing at $93.86, valuing the company at just under $8.9 billion. All this for a professional social network with 100 million users that made profit of $15.4 million in 2010 on sales of $243 million from […]

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Digital Ghosts in Social Media

The Internet lit up with news of the killing of Osama Bin Laden. Google said the search for his name wen well over 100 million by 10am the first day! Wow. But it got me thinking about the digital legacy that he has left. While he is gone, his videos, broadcasts and podcasts live on, […]

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Personal Branding

I just received an email that my second book is now available on so I thought I’d put together a little piece today about the book. It’s titled, “How to Create Personal Branding as a Sales Executive”. In working as a sales professional myself for many years, I thought I’d use what I’ve learned […]

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