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My frustration with Twitter

First off, a huge hat tip to MG Siegler who wrote this sentimental post on TechCrunch the other day about the early days of Twitter and how far we’ve come (on the occasion of the President’s Twitter town-hall). Aah, those were the days. Were people scoffed at the idea that Twitter was a passing fad. […]

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3 Crucial Points For Generating Leads via Social Media

A new social media marketer is born every minute, as new and old businesses jump onto Facebook, Twitter and other social networks. This is reasonable – With hundreds of millions of people active on each network, from all backgrounds and different interests, it’s important to create interesting content and to get in front of them. […]

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How to Choose Affordable Equipment for Making Your Online Videos

Image courtesy of Shutterstock Choosing the right equipment… This is the first in the “making you look good online” series of articles where my aim is to teach you how to present yourself effectively on camera whether for internal staff communications, sales presentations, web conferencing, webinars, YouTube videos and video blogging, or simply sharing your […]

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