Archive | January, 2012

I Love Buying Twitter and Facebook Friends

Of course I don’t. I find it completely ridiculous. I do receive emails from vendors, suppliers, and marketers requesting a sponsored blog post, link, or guest post. There are times when money is offered and other times when they would prefer something free. However, I experienced something different last night while reading new emails. Ready? […]

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ABC’s Work It and the Myth of the “Mancession”

“Women are taking over the workforce. Soon they’ll just start getting rid of the men,” says a character on ABC’s new sitcom, “Work It.” Obviously the writers and powers that be at ABC failed to check the facts before creating a comedy based on the mythological “mancession” that simply does not exist. A recent national […]

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Building a Digital Strategy To Make Money (Presentation)

I had the wonderful opportunity to present on social media at the Landscape Ontario Congress in Toronto this week. It was an amazing time with tons of discussions about digital marketing. I wanted to share my presentations with you. Feel free to download and share. Monday Presentation – Evolve or Die Evolve or Die – […]

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