5 Things You Shouldn’t Post On Your Social Media Sites


Social media is a superb item to use for marketing and promotion, but sometimes it can appear annoying to some of your followers without you even realizing it.

Begging for “re-tweets” on Twitter is amongst one of the most annoying habits, and that does not include just me. According to David Siteman Garland at Rise to the Top, many users find this motive of begging annoying and many just surpass it when received.

Spamming someone’s Facebook wall or Twitter timeline is another massive annoying habit. This includes posting links to someone’s wall or tagging them in pictures they have nothing to do with. Just throwing things like that in people’s faces is not a good way to build a relationship or network via social media.

Adding people to groups randomly. Most users do not want to be a part of your group to begin with and you are just going to annoy them. Instead, take the approach of explaining your mission and ask them to join. Honestly, they are more likely to continue to stay involved in the group if they know what is going on. A majority of users you randomly add to a group are either going to immediately remove themselves or just never pay attention to it.

Sending out mass messages could perhaps be one of the most annoying of them all. Although this is improving along with Facebook, when one person applies, the whole group gets the reply. Some do not want to be part of the conversation to begin with, so getting multiple replies from other people they may not even know and clogging up their inbox is just going to set them off.

Follow Friday on Twitter is great to get exposure-but make sure you give an explanation as to why your followers should follow these people/companies as well. Nearly 95% of the Twitter population uses Follow Friday, so if users are constantly seeing “#FF @StarWarsFreak @MarySmith @TheCoolBand @TomRiley @RebeccaBlack @xOxprincess @hIiMcOoL @IAMTHEBEST,” it just looks like annoying “jib-jab,” and hardly anyone is going to take the time out to look at what it is and THEN follow.

Many may not agree with these five annoying habits and others may use these frequently to promote their companies. I myself can’t say I’m not guilty of these means. However, from my own experience in promoting my own brand via social network, feedback from actual followers on my promotion has been helpful in writing this article. Therefore, if you are promoting something via social network, I feel that following these tips will make you and your company a tad less annoying online.

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