Archive | November, 2013

TDA Content Happy Hour: Keeping Up with Increased Expectations

Strenuous week? Before you run off for the weekend, let this week’s content marketing news digest suggest ways to twist increased expectations to your advantage. You’ll get insight into hurdling the digital skills gap, see why the C-suite views social media fitness as essential for customer nurturing, and find tips for shaving some time off […]

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TDA Content Happy Hour: 7 social developments more likely to affect you than the Twitter IPO

Stop reading yet another Twitter IPO story already. This edition of our weekly news digest looks at seven recent social media developments far more likely to affect the way content marketers work. Find social strategy benchmarking resources, the latest on using Google+ to understand YouTube audiences, and items covering advances in personalization. You’ll also see […]

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Content Happy Hour: Will Your November Be a Turkey?

November: Family, friends, football—and well, flailing. While it’s often the busiest month of the year for content marketers, it can also be a time when content marketers paradoxically become less effective. Read this week’s news digest to see what pitfalls to avoid so that November becomes the cornerstone of a strong quarter. These news items […]

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