How to find your USP

These days, just being ‘good enough’ isn’t good enough. If you want success you need to tell people what makes you special – your ‘unique selling proposition’, or USP. Here are some ways to explain why customers should choose you.

You’re the only one

What your business does, or sells, is unique – there isn’t another product or service like yours. This situation is pretty rare, but if your business is innovative you could be the only ones doing what you do.

If your innovation is successful, beware of competitors coming in to take a piece of the pie. Keep an eye on the market, and defend your investment by registering any intellectual property rights.

You’re the best

No other competitor offers the same quality and reliability to consumers that you do. If this is the case, you don’t need to compete on price (and you shouldn’t) – if your business is the best, it’s worth paying for.

Beware of just claiming to be the best without being able to back it up. Testimonials and word of mouth recommendations are invaluable. And you need to walk the walk – if you want people to believe you’re the best, your marketing needs to reflect that. A cheap-looking amateurish website, for example, or a Twitter account full of spelling errors will undermine your image immediately.

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