Archive | October, 2015

TDA Content Happy Hour: 4 ways to become more persuasive

Short of hitting prospects over the head, how do you make your organization more persuasive? You can start by reading this week’s edition of our marketing news digest, which looks at delivering the hooks that connect with target audiences. In a nice way, of course. Read on for blog post conversion tips and a review […]

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TDA Group: Bringing marketing back to marketing automation

> Marketing automation holds a lot of potential; every marketer now knows that. Expected results include a significant improvement in qualified leads and conversion to sales, as well as better customer retention and increased ability to identify and capitalize on new opportunities from existing customers. Many marketing leaders, however, are discovering that the implementation of […]

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TDA Content Happy Hour: Accelerating the customer journey

How can you create a strong flow of content that accelerates the customer journey and produces more sales-ready leads? This week’s digest points you in the right direction. You’ll learn why you should consider alternatives to the PDF for content delivery, how to prepare a robust content stream, how to create shareable content, why optimizing […]

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