Do your tech content marketers have all of these essential skills?

Are you in tech? Great. Responsible for marketing strategy? Wonderful, congratulations. Committed to content that sells and compels? Super. Have people on board with all three vital tech content marketing skills? If you’re not sure, read on to see why mastery of all these capabilities results in content that not only reaches prospects, but also teaches why they should park their IT budgets with your organization.

Think of the fusion of technological understanding, communications capabilities, and marketing savvy as the sweet spot for tech content marketing. At some level, you know this. Trust us, you do. Here’s why:

You know you need technical writers and designers, but . . .
. . . people who specialize in technical descriptions don’t always possess the mindset to make the most of market developments and support the business strategies you’ve devised. Sure, many technical writers and illustrators do a bang-up job describing technology features. But without a marketing background, they often struggle extracting key benefits and other competitive differentiators.

You know you need technical marketers, but . . .
. . . understanding technology and marketing strategy isn’t enough when it comes to implementing your plans either. You need to find people who can write and design captivating content—or at least have an eye for work that will appeal to target audiences. Otherwise, no amount of strategizing will transform plans into content that accelerates sales cycles.

You know you need marketing writers and designers, but . . .
. . . asking generalist creative types to explain complex technical subjects in plain English can be a tall order. It’s hard to sell something if you don’t understand it. It gets uncomfortable, too, when B2B audiences grow impatient with content that fails to provide convincing reasons for spending tens and hundreds of thousands of dollars on big-ticket technology solutions. Your content must be credible for both prospects and you: Why spend your time cleaning up a generalist’s work?

You know you need professionals who can routinely hit it out the park, but . . .
. . . it’s not easy to find people with the whole enchilada—spanning technology, communications, and marketing. And that’s one of the reasons why tech content marketing is so difficult for so many organizations. The Venn diagram below helps frame productive conversations with prospective employees and agencies.

TDA Group Venn Diagram: Do your tech content marketers have all of these essential skills?


By using this chart as a guide, you’ll be closer to finding vendors and staffers who understand technology concepts and terms. They’ll be comfortable having meaningful conversations about complex solutions with world-class technologists—and then creating content that gets through to skeptical audiences at every stage of the sales journey. What’s more, they’ll grasp what you’re trying to accomplish. And when you identify resources who do find the tech content marketing sweet spot, you’ll watch your plans turn into action—and results.

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