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Welcome to the 5th and final episode of Superhuman Entrepreneur, a video series on She Takes on the World TV where I’m interviewing my fantasy team of doctors who help me stay energized and healthy – mind, body, and soul – even when things are crazy in my business.

(Haven’t checked out the rest of the series? You can watch parts 1, 2, 3, and 4 under their respective links.)

For this last episode, we’re joined by Dr. Anthony Balduzzi, a good friend of mine who has degrees in neuroscience and nutrition.

Alongside being a talented doctor, he’s also an entrepreneur himself, and founder of the Fit Father Project. Dr. Anthony introduced me to some pretty cool health practices, including the benefits of intermittent fasting — basically the practice of reserving your food consumption for a certain window of time.

(Intermittent fasting has been a minor miracle for my own health, and we’ll be talking a bit about a bit in this episode!)

He also offers some great insights on the right right way to make juices and smoothies, and how timing your eating and drinking can skyrocket your productivity.

Dr. Anthony was also recently in a skiing accident that broke both his arm, and his leg. He’s learned some incredible lessons on his journey to healing, and the wisdom he shares is a game-changer for those of anyone feeling stressed out by their own health challenges.

So get ready to take notes on today’s video, because we’re doing a deep dive into nutrition. You’ll learn some great tips that will help you eat your way to better focus, more energy, and clarity; just by being mindful of what you eat, when. So jump in!

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