Dear Natalie: Should I Launch if it Isn’t Perfect?

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Gather ‘round the couch, awesome She Takes on the World readers!

I’m back for yet another episode of Dear Natalie, where you submit all the questions you’ve been dying to ask me, about business, habits, life, money, and everything in between — and I answer, right here from my home in L.A.

Today, we’re talking about a topic very near and dear to my heart, which is also one of my biggest challenges: perfectionism.

(Is it weird I’m always so excited to talk about my shadow side…? Oh well!)

Today’s question comes from the wonderful Tricia, who writes:

“Dear Natalie,

I’m a serial entrepreneur and I’ve started a couple companies successfully. I built my businesses through word of mouth referrals only. I don’t have a website right now… but I do have an “almost site”.

I have say almost because I’ve had photoshoots, I’ve hired designers and copywriters, but there are still things I don’t like. I’m your stereotypical type A perfectionist.

I want to do a new photoshoot now because there are thing about the shoot I don’t like, and I never feel like the words and graphics are good enough. I look at other people’s sites (like yours) and it makes me think I should just keep working at mine to get it perfect.

I think I know what you’re gonna say already Natalie… but can you give me some advice on just putting it out there?”

As soon as I saw this question I couldn’t wait to answer it!

Because this isn’t just about perfection, people. This is about something much, much deeper and more powerful: fear.

Watch the video to check out:

  • 2:39: Why I chuckled to myself at the note that you like my website
  • 4:59 How a recent photoshoot taught me a huge lesson about perfection
  • 8:19: A critical thought to turn over that might just change your whole perspective on perfection
  • 9:01 Why I’ll never tell you to launch “when you’re ready”

Now it’s your turn, awesome entrepreneur!

I’m sure you’re grappling with your own challenges — including perfectionism, and the fear of being seen.

What’s your secret for pushing yourself to just “Do it anyway”?

I’d love to read your story below (I always read every single one!)

And oh hey: Have a question you’d love to see me answer here? Drop me a line at – and I’ll see you over there.

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