Superhuman September Part 3: Out With The Old

Closet Cleanout

Filled-up journals.
Clothes and shoes I don’t wear anymore.
Old files on my laptop.
Half-finished ideas that never took shape.
Habits that no longer serve me.

Those are just a few of the things I’ll be donating, recycling, deleting, and throwing away this month.

Why’s that? Because in my mind: September is the new January!

(Or at least it should be. It’s my favorite time of year to check in with myself and my goals, and set myself up to finish out the year strong.)

If you’ve caught the last two posts, you know we’re in the middle of a Superhuman September series, and we’re helping you take stock of how the past year has gone, and what’s ahead.

So far we’ve reviewed some fantastic goal setting techniques, and some tips for checking in on your health, current mindset, and more.

And now? It’s time to use that beautiful foundation you’ve built so far and make room.

Room for more possibilities.
Room for new ideas and beauty to flow.
Room for shaping the next phase of your year — and your life.

That’s right! Today you’re going to be clearing out some of the old stuff — so you can welcome in all the goodness that’s to come.

Remember when you’d get new clothes and school supplies just before the start of a new school year? That was my favorite way to end the summer — tossing my old binders and folders, and heading to the store with my Mom to buy crisp new books, pens, and paper.

This “making room” piece is especially poignant for me this year, as we’re gearing up to launch the brand new She Takes on the World website too.

(How’s that for “out with the old”? We’re ditching an entire website and brand!)

So for today, I’m sharing 3 of my favorite clutter-clearing strategies, and the ways I create space for future brilliance to flow in:

Clutter-clearing strategy #1: When you make a new purchase, make sure to donate or throw away 1-2 similar items.

This is how I keep my closet organized! Every time I buy a new outfit, I always get rid of at least two pieces of clothing to create more space.

You can do this with stuff like books, shoes, old kitchenware, furniture, and more. It’s a great way to welcome in new things to serve you, while keeping your sacred space from becoming too cluttered, or jam-packed with items.

Clutter-clearing strategy #2: Review your current online presence. Is there anything that doesn’t align with where you are right now in your business and brand?

If you have a website, or social media presence, now is a great time to go through old posts and delete anything that may not be a fit for your current trajectory

I found this to be an incredible nourishing process as I worked on my rebrand. It forced me to look at the way I act and share online and ask myself: “Who am I right now? How do I want to see, and be seen by my audience?”

(I think you’re going to love the end result, by the way — so stay tuned for that. 😉 )

Clutter-clearing strategy #3: Create a consistent decluttering habit.

It doesn’t have to involve a total closet overhaul every Sunday night! You can and should start small with this.

For example, the last Friday of every month I organize files, review the month ahead, and typically clear any clutter. I find it makes space not just in my home and office, but also in my brain. I’m more focused, energized and excited to work when I know I’m well organized.

I talk quite a bit about clearing clutter in my book The Conquer Kit! So to help you along, here’s a snippet of the exercise, pulled right from the book:

Pick one day this week to clear out a frequently used area of your home – a desk, a bedroom closet, a kitchen utility drawer, or a cabinet. Give your day a fun name like Tackle Tuesday or Weed-Out Wednesday. You’ll need marketers, sticky notes, and one or more “donate” boxes. Group similar items together as you sort.

For items you’re not sure about, attach a sticky note and come back to them in a week. The longer they sit unused, the more obvious it wil be that they need to go. If something doesn’t simplify your life, consider removing it. You might sense resistance to letting go. Recognize your internal clutter for what it is and kiss it goodbye. You’ll feel fantastically light after.

So now I’m wondering… How about you?

Are you a bit of a clutterbug? (No shame in that – it’s so easy to do when you work from home too!) If so, will you be taking any of the three ways mentioned above this week? Let me know in the comments below.

And if you tend to be tidier: Do you have any anti-clutter strategies you implement when the seasons are shifting? If you are I’d love to hear them in the comments and add a few ideas to my own list!

Happy clutter-clearing — and I’ll see you next week.

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