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Drive For Five – 500,000 members

SocialMediopolis and our sister LinkedIn group, Social Media Marketing, has just passed the 300,000 member mark. That makes us the 4th largest group on LinkedIn and the LARGEST professional social media marketing group on the planet. It is quite an accomplishment that we can all be proud of. BUT, it is just the beginning! I […]

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Digital Ghosts in Social Media

The Internet lit up with news of the killing of Osama Bin Laden. Google said the search for his name wen well over 100 million by 10am the first day! Wow. But it got me thinking about the digital legacy that he has left. While he is gone, his videos, broadcasts and podcasts live on, […]

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Reality Shows vs. Reality – which wins?

I don’t watch reality shows. I hate them. In fact, I don’t watch a lot of television at all. I prefer films, which is much more true to life than so-called ‘reality shows’. Good films require verisimilitude, a close resemblance to reality, whereas reality shows require a deconstruction of reality and a dramatic exaggeration of […]

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