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What I Learned After Spending Two Years in Venture Capital

OpenView has always been unique in the VC space because of their support model. Ten years ago, Scott Maxwell founded the firm with a singular focus in mind – invest in and help grow expansion stage software companies. This allows OpenView to dive into their portfolio and make a huge impact. It’s also the perfect […]

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Where Have I Been? Update and New Content

This blog has been quiet and for good reason. I’ve spent most of my time and energy running marketing at OpenView, a venture capital firm based in Boston. Oh and helping raise a beautiful baby boy. Cuteness everywhere. The marketing team at OpenView is tasked with the overall marketing strategy of the firm which includes […]

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TDA Group: Using smart papers for intelligent tech marketing

  Marketing high-tech products always comes with a special kind of challenge. How do you grab attention and build excitement about a solution while still communicating enough technical information to be credible? That task brought IBM to TDA seeking help with messaging and marketing its IBM® Spectrum Storage™ Suite software—a software defined storage solution capable […]

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TDA Group: The cloud is changing B2B marketing

My friend, colleague, and client, Carl Naessans from Telstra, posted a startling blog article about the changing landscape of enterprise sales. In this post, he mentions a recent Forrester study that predicts our economy will employ about a million fewer B2B salespeople in 2020 than it does today. Think about that: a million fewer B2B […]

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TDA Group Content Happy Hour: Looks matter

Your mother was wrong: looks do matter. Integrating compelling visuals into your content marketing can help attract prospects and keep them engaged. In this week’s digest, read about how the Economist is boosting its investment in digital media, including more graphically oriented platforms. Learn which factors affect the digital news experience and discover how YouTube […]

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