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One Minute Social Media

Kenneth Blanchard and Spencer Johnson were really on to something when they wrote The One Minute Manager. For those of us who were NOT managers, these were some simple guidelines to make sure that we were at least covering the bases in our roles.  It wasn’t a comprehensive guide, but it sure has helped millions […]

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9 Ways to Build Up Your Facebook Page

Among social media platforms, Facebook is unique because it gives you the freedom to customize your page. Rather than having the same limited profile that everyone else has, your business has the ability to implement HTML codes. This has a number of advantages when it comes to page design, online presence, promoting and branding for […]

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Social Media Arguments Get Old

I happened across a blog post this morning by a good friend of mine, Daniel Herndon, who owns an Indianapolis marketing company. Daniel’s post entitled, Indianapolis Marketing vs Indianapolis Social Media, talks about the importance of understanding social media as part of a tool kit instead of a stand alone system. “Buyer beware – If […]

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